BODY BEAST review and results!

Body Beast Review: Why I Chose the Body Beast Program

After launching my fitness journey with a solid round of Focus T25 and then continuing with a so-so effort with P90X3, I was in a good place fitness-wise and I knew that I really wanted to change my body and pack on some muscle.

I’ve never really been a skinny guy since about the middle of high school, but after doing the cardio-centric program of the T25 workout and then the total body fitness variety of P90X3, I really was feeling the desire to get STRONGER and add muscle.

My coach Scottie‘s favorite Beachbody program is Body Beast, and although his transformation started (and was amazing!) with P90X, he always talks about how Body Beast is his “soul mate workout.” When he’s done it before, he really added a ton of muscle, and that’s what I wanted to do! It seemed that Body Beast was the solution for me, and boy, was that a great choice, because I can tell you that I’ve found my soul mate workout too. What you’re about to read is my honest, no-hype, Body Beast review.

First, I Needed Equipment for Body Beast

I knew what I wanted to do. Body Beast was the plan! Before I could start the workout, though, I needed equipment. My first two programs didn’t require much, but Body Beast requires some heavy weights! All I had on hand was a few light dumbbells and a set of 35 pounders, and that wasn’t going to be enough.

Body Beast workout benchI scoured Craigslist and lucked into a really great deal on a three-position workout bench and then some adjustable dumbbells that ranged from 10 to 50 lbs in 5-pound increments. I already had a pullup bar, and the curl bar is optional. I just worked with the dumbbells for any movements that used the curl bar.

That’s all I needed. I was ready to BEAST UP!!!

My Body Beast Review – What I Think about the Body Beast Workout

I was in love with this program from Day 1. The program’s creator and my new favorite trainer Sagi Kalev is very motivating, and the pacing of the workout is PERFECT. Not too much rest between sets, but not too fast-paced where you can’t keep up. The cardio workout is more of a high-intensity interval workout with a period of hard exercise followed by a period of rest. I loved it!

Body Beast review insight - Where are the women? I was surprised to see that there were no women in the videos, considering I had seen the great results of many women who had done the program. I’m sure that Sagi will include women in the next version of Body Beast.

Body Beast review confessionmy big fat FAIL – The program comes with an absolute treasure-trove of nutritional information which, admittedly, I didn’t use very well. If you follow the Body Beast nutrition plan in the Book of Beast and you complete all your workouts with intensity, there’s NO WAY that you won’t see MASSIVE results.

I won’t go into too much detail regarding the specifics of the nutrition plan, because this is a Body Beast review, not an in-depth explanation. I’ll save details about the Body Beast nutrition plan for another post.

The Build phase kept me on my toes by avoiding routine, something on which I thrive. The Bulk phase was my sweet spot. The workouts were a little shorter during the Bulk phase, which allowed me to really go for it and give my full effort on a daily basis. The Beast phase was a great last month, and let me tell you, the Total Body workout will leave you begging for mercy!

Body Beast review BONUS – Sagi is pretty darn funny and is CONSTANTLY ripping on the guys doing the workout with him. He’s not Tony Horton goofy-style funny. He’s funny like a guy that you’d want to hang out with. His humor is more my style, as I like to give my friends a good-natured hard time too.

So what is my recommendation? If you want to build muscle and get strong, you MUST do Body Beast. Other programs can get you fit, other programs can get you flexible, other programs can get you ripped, but Body Beast can get you HUGE!

THE TRUTH: If you’re a guy, the Body Beast program will make you feel like more of a man. I’m not joking. If you’re a woman, I can’t speak for you, but I’m guessing that the Body Beast program will make you feel strong and powerful.

My Body Beast Results

BODY BEAST results -

I wish I had done some sort of body composition test before and after the Body Beast program so that I would know what happened on the inside of my body. On the outside, you can see the above photo. I didn’t gain nor lose any weight during the program, and since I added a good bit of muscle, I figure that lost a good bit of body fat too. That’s a good thing!

These results are in spite of my far-less-than-perfect nutrition, which included plenty of beer and more carbs than I thought I was eating. Once I started tracking with the MyFitnessPal app during the Beast phase, my nutrition improved greatly. If I had given my best effort nutritionally, I’m sure the picture above would be AMAZING, and I would be able to give a better Body Beast review that would help you more.

Unfortunately, I used the fact that I was supposed to be on a caloric surplus as an excuse to go on a SEE-food diet for a good portion of the first two phases of Body Beast.

And yet, check it out! I got SOLID results!

I can’t wait to see what I can do in Round TWO!

Are you ready to BEAST UP?

Body Beast DVD workout programIf you’re ready to get results of your own and pack on some muscle with the BODY BEAST program, simply click on the button below to order your Body Beast Challenge Pack, which includes the program, 30 days of Shakeology, a free month in the Team Beachbody Club, and ME as your free coach! I promise to give you all the motivation I have inside me and help and support you however you need it.

Who knows? Maybe soon you’ll be posting your own BODY BEAST review!

I’m ready to BEAST UP!

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